The organiser of the International Festival ‘Music at J. I. Schnabel’s’ is the Municipal Centre of Culture and Sport in Nowogrodziec (GCKiS). The institution's activities cover the City and Commune of Nowogrodziec, the territory of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, the Republic of Poland, and, moreover, it extends its offer beyond the borders of the country. The Municipal Centre's structure consists of: the Centre of Culture and Art 'Muza' in Nowogrodziec, the Culture Houses in Nowogrodziec and Parzyce, the Municipal Library in Nowogrodziec with its branches in Gierałtów, Gościszów, Wykroty and Zebrzydowa, Rural Culture Centres in Czerna, Gierałtów, Gościszów, Wykroty, Zagajnik and Zebrzydowa, common rooms in Milików, Parzyce, Zebrzydowa, as well as the Sports Stadium in Nowogrodziec and Zebrzydowa.

The intention of GCKiS in Nowogrodziec is to meet the cultural, sports and recreational needs of the commune residents. An equally important goal is to fulfil the expectations of the society by creating and making available a rich offer, both in the area of culture, sport, as well as professional and amateur art. The Centre also responds to the reading needs of the citizens.

The International Festival ‘Music at J. I. Schnabel’s’ is an important, but not the only event prepared by the Municipal Centre of Culture and Sport in Nowogrodziec. The Centre's output includes a number of concerts, reviews, festivals, lectures, artistic and entertainment events. It is enough to mention the well-known in the whole Lower Silesia celebrations of the feast of the baked pig – the impressive Pieczenica (July), extremely attractive Nowogrodziec Municipality Days (August) or festive bread baked goods – the Feast of Bread (September). The Centre also organizes competitions from various areas of culture, art and sport. By raising children, it supports multi-directional forms of cultural education. It creates conditions for amateur artistic movements, circles and clubs of interest, sections and folk groups.