Eliza Szwed

photo Bernard Łętowski
photo Bernard Łętowski

She is a charismatic and dynamic director of the Municipal Cultural and Sports Centre in Nowogrodziec (GCKiS), which she has been managing since 2010. As a leader and head of the GCKiS team, she takes care of the continuous development of the staff and the institution itself.

Thanks to her multi-directional higher education, she has not only the knowledge about the functioning of organisations in the field of culture and sport in market economy conditions, but also the ability to operate effectively in these fields and to create various events in new economic and social conditions. In a competent and effective way, she is able to obtain extra-budgetary funds, including from EU programmes. She is the vice-president of the Nowogrodziec Social and Economic Society.

She has many years of experience in organising cultural events and mass events. Eliza Szwed cooperates with associations, non-governmental organisations, creators and artists in the field of stimulating the cultural activity of the Nowogrodziec commune.

The institution she manages was nominated for the 'Lower Silesia Key of Success 2014' award in the category of the best cultural institution, and Eliza Szwed herself was the winner of the plebiscite organised by Gazeta Wrocławska 'Personality of the Year 2017', in the category of Culture, for organising the International Festival 'Music at J. I. Schnabel's' and the 'Great Pot on the Kwisa River'.